My Sinuses Are a Haven for Some Very Mean Critters…

…and they don’t seem to want to leave.  There’s so much pressure up there, it’s making my teeth hurt.  I did figure something out, though.  All that coughing is an awesome ab workout! 

I’m not going to bore you with the details of my latest crud-related illness, nor will I get political on this mofo as I had intended (we all know where I stand, and I’m not going to try and change anyone’s mind).  Instead, I’m going to give a shout out to Jeff Viscount for another job well done at this past Saturday’s Assault on Morrow Mountain.  Sure, there was a race that day as well, but I figured getting dropped for free is easier to swallow than paying 25 bucks to have my ass handed to me.  I think I’ve pretty much accepted my status as a career category 4 roadie.  Maybe I’ll eschew road racing altogether next year and just go for endurance mountain biking.  I seem to have done better at that anyway.  Not only that, but I miss things like this:

Seriously, the last time my tires have touched dirt, I was going anaerobic with mud coursing through my nasal passages.  Hey, maybe there’s a connection there.

The cold medicine’s making me kinda loopy and unproductive so that’s all I’m gonna give you for now.  Not that I’ve been very prolific lately. 




One response to “My Sinuses Are a Haven for Some Very Mean Critters…

  1. Thanks for riding with us Yrjo. Just to be clear, if getting dropped for free ever becomes a problem let me know… I can accept cash or checks.

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