I’m back!

Again!  I’ll admit, it’s pretty tough writing a blog with any sort of regularity when you have a kid, a wife, and a nasty cycling habit.  Truth be told, I haven’t been putting a whole lot of thought into writing since we moved back from Anchorage.  Not exactly sure why either.  The weather hasn’t been very spectacular or anything.  Regardless, here I am, and there you are (all five of you). 

The road season is off to a fine start here.  As such, I’ve noticed a few striking differences between road racing here and road racing in Anchorage.  Mostly, the packs are bigger.  Much, much bigger.  It took a lap or two to get used to moving that fast around so many people, but before long, I was moving around the pack with the best of them.  Well, maybe not the best of them, since they usually finish in front of me; but I was pretty comfortable going knuckle to knuckle nonetheless.  After two races, my domination of mid-pack of category 4 road racing in the Carolinas has yet to be contested.  Watch out, upper echelon of mediocrity!  Perhaps if I was a little more patient and just sat in until the sprint, I might finish a bit higher, but we all know how I sprint, and it ain’t pretty.  My conflict avoidance strategy of going off the front hasn’t worked very well so far this year.  It seems the same guys who don’t want to work with you in a breakaway are the same guys who are more than happy to drag the pack back up to you. 

So here’s some neat news.  Apparently, the Charlotte DOT is closing some lanes of traffic downtown, er, uptown, er, center city for a few months.  Check out the blurb here.  Let’s hope the “study” goes well enough that other roads might become more bicycle/pedestrian friendly.  It’s a welcome change from what we have now, which is very little.  I would encourage anyone who rides a bike to visit the Charlotte Area Bicycle Alliance’s website and get involved.  Motorists sure as hell aren’t going to make the roads safer for us.

That’s it for now!  Until next time, whenever that may be….



6 responses to “I’m back!

  1. Nice…if the Moots deal happens to go through, you are a lot closer to Charlottesville, VA now. Sweet! Maybe a road trip is in order…I need to get a fork to a friend in Asheville.

    Re: blogging w/ a wife and kid(s) and a bike habit, my last update was 03May2009.

    • Sweet! Be sure to hit Pisgah when you’re there! May 3rd 2009? I don’t feel so bad for neglecting my blog now.

  2. alas…you inspired me…


  3. six…your audience is expanding!

  4. Lets talk Moots when you have some time…

    kevin29er at the gmail

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